4 Apps for Managing Your Pinterest Account¹

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4 Apps for Managing Your Pinterest Account

Pinterest is a popular visual social network, especially among women, for bookmarking, organizing and archiving images, video and links. Marketing reports show that Pinterest can be an effective traffic driver to a specific website as well as a sales driver because you can build prices into pins.

The typical Pinterest user searches for and saves links to items that they may be considering buying sometime in the near or distant future. If you have something to sell that would appeal to women – particularly a tangible product – Pinterest could be a valuable part of your social media marketing presence.

The challenge of Pinterest is that it is requires a lot of time and attention to generate results. Pinterest users often spend hours each session saving – or “pinning” – dozens and dozens of images and video to their Pinterest boards. Experts often claim that to be successful on Pinterest, you need to pin 30 to 50 times per session. This level of content publishing can feel overwhelming to most business owners.

Luckily, Pinterest can be managed and enhanced by third party apps that connect with your Pinterest account. Using a scheduling app as you might do with Facebook or Twitter could help relieve some of the pressure of needing to post to Pinterest on a frequent basis. Here are four apps that help you better manage your Pinterest posting.

1. Tailwind

Tailwind is an app and official Pinterest partner. The app lets you schedule pins to your Pinterest account and also Instagram. Tailwind offers bulk image upload, a drag-and-drop calendar for scheduling, and the ability to pin to multiple boards. Tailwind has a browser extension, similar to the Pinterest book market, that lets you create multiple pins from any website you visit. The app also provides suggested pins based on what you’re pinning to save you time.

2. Buffer

Buffer is also an official Pinterest partner. This popular app is a scheduler that schedules and posts to a number of social networks including Twitter, GooglePlus, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Use Buffer to schedule your pins either from our Buffer dashboard or with the Buffer browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Like Tailwind, you can connect multiple Pinterest accounts to a paid Buffer account.

The nice thing about Buffer is that it lets you schedule pins for specific times and days or you can opt to use a pre-set schedule and simply save your pins to the queue to automatically release according to that schedule. Buffer initially recommends the best times to pin, but you can also modify or create new schedule settings. Note that you cannot pin at one time to multiple boards like you can with Tailwind.

3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a well-liked social media marketing dashboard with a scheduler. While Hootsuite can help you manage your Pinterest account, you cannot post directly to Pinterest from Hootsuite. Instead, you need to integrate the Tailwind app with your Hootsuite account and access or set up your Tailwind account. Then you can use Hootsuite’s dashboard view and access Tailwind features such as creating new pins, scheduling pins, and re-pins and pinning to multiple boards at one time.

You can set up several views of Pinterest within Hootsuite including drafts, scheduled pins, your latest posted pins and a calendar view where you can drag and drop pins to create the visual effect you want. To use both apps together, you will need to pay both Tailwind and Hootsuite fees.

4. Viraltag

While Viraltag is not an official Pinterest partner, you can still use it to pin to multiple accounts and multiple boards at once. Viraltag connects with your Google Drive or Dropbox account for direct access to your stored images. Viraltag, like Buffer and Hootsuite, helps you manage multiple social networks whereas Tailwind only handles Pinterest and Instagram. Considered more of a visual marketing tool, Viraltag has a built-in image editor.

Regardless of the tool you use, the key is to know your audience, use Pinterest frequently and don’t over-rely on scheduling. Use apps and tools to support how you publish to Pinterest, not as a replacement to actually interacting.

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