What you need to know¹

What you need to know
  • Communications & Technology
    Medical professionals who wish they could take their practices with them when they're away from their offices can pretty much have things their way. Communication technology continues to spawn mobile gadgets with capabilities that range from simple telephone connection to e-mail, instant messaging, word processing and record keeping.
  • Patient Relations
    As vital as patients are to medical and dental practices, surprisingly little quantifiable data is available regarding the impact of good patient/doctor relations. What is interesting, though, is that articles, editorials and advice columns on the subject abound.
  • Employment and Training
    Like any business operation, a successful medical or dental practice largely relies on happy, well-trained employees. The Medical Group Management Association reveals in a 2006 study of 1,250 multidiscipline practices that among factors such as profitability, efficient billing and well-organized revenue collections, effective staffing is one the chief factors contributing toward excellence.
  • Work/Life Balance
    Burnout can lead to a multitude of problems, including chronic fatigue, volatile emotions and depression, as well as susceptibility to physical ailments. Still, a few simple measures will help you avoid the situation.�