What you need to know¹

What you need to know
  • Communications & Technology
    What are the biggest challenges you face in your law office today? Finding time to read the latest rulings? Juggling your client and court calendar? Keeping track of important legal documents? Tracking billable time and assigning it to clients? If any of these apply to you, an upgrade in your communication system may be just what the court ordered.
  • Customer Service
    Client service fuels the legal industry. Even so, some researchers point out that few attorneys make concerted, quantitative efforts to keep their customers happy. This is unfortunate, they add, because strategies that include client satisfaction assessments and a few basic people skills clearly can keep a practice in business.
  • Vendor Relations and Purchasing
    Judging by the shear number of legal supply vendors, attorneys need much more than an easily-pursued jury to win cases. While most folks associate the field of law with the drama that unfolds in the courtroom, the action that takes place when it comes time to order supplies for the firm also can deliver an exciting storyline.
  • Social Media Best Practices & Applications