A keystroke or two opens the door to hundreds of sites on many practice areas - a generous representation of what today’s practitioners need to know. Regardless of the specialization, these sections offer connections to in-depth industry info, news, regulatory bodies, technical support and business tools geared to keeping physicians professionals conversant and current in their disciplines.

What you need to know

Even seasoned medical professionals know that professional development is an ongoing process - and new practitioners need to learn some ground rules! This section provides a virtual handbook on a number of operational topics, including Software and Hardware, Vendor Relations, Staff and Employment, Sales and Marketing, Customer Service and Purchasing, Insurance, and Communications.

Marketing and Advertising

Aside from topnotch patient care, many analysts concur that an organized marketing strategy serves as a powerful business builder. In addition to tried-and-true methods, such as referrals and the patient grapevine, today's practitioners have a range of high tech tools to spread the word about their practices - and with a landmark 1982 U.S. Supreme Court ruling, unlike their predecessors, doctors of the 21st century can take full advantage of advertising opportunities.

Billing and Accounts Receivable

With excellence of patient care the top priority in today's medical and dentistry practices, a number of industry analysts point out that invoicing and accounts receivable practices just don't get enough attention. That the health care disciplines pump billions of dollars into the economy lends particular irony to the situation.