Remote Deposit: Automate Check Deposits, Increase Funds Availability, and Improve Efficiency.¹

Remote Deposit: Automate Check Deposits, Increase Funds Availability, and Improve Efficiency.

Accelerate your cash flow and save time by scanning and depositing your checks directly into your account from your office. You can replace trips to the bank by sending your check deposits electronically, and put the saved time to better use running your business.

How remote deposit works.

Using a PC and a check scanner (installed at your place of business), you can scan each check to be deposited. Check images will be displayed on your computer screen for your review. You can then review and edit deposit details as needed and then transmit the deposit to Union Bank. Each time you make a deposit, you will receive an online confirmation so you can be certain that your deposits have been successfully sent.

Deposits can be made throughout the day – on your schedule.

Remote deposit gives you the flexibility to deposit checks at your convenience. You can choose to submit deposits throughout the day or make a single end-of-day deposit. You can submit your deposits anytime, day or night – so you can work more efficiently.

Faster Funds Availability

By making deposits electronically, you can deposit your checks throughout the day – and are not subject to branch or courier hours. And, you can take advantage of same-day deadlines, extended to 8 p.m. (Pacific Time) instead of normal branch closing time – reducing holdover for funds availability.

Built-in audit controls ensure accurate deposits

Before you begin scanning your checks, enter the number of checks to be scanned and the total deposit amount. The service will automatically reconcile this information with the scanned items – and will alert you to any discrepancies or questionable scanned items. In cases where the check scanner cannot read the item, you can enter the check information manually. Your deposit will be accepted once all of the information is validated.

Easy integration with your current process

Designed to interface with most accounting software programs by allowing you to export check deposit information in text-based or Comma Separated Value (CSV) and other commonly used formats. This gives you an expedient way to update your accounts receivables.

Time to deposit checks electronically?

By using remote deposit you can reduce administrative time and costs, improve and better manage your cash flow, and streamline your operations.

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