Healthcare: A Basic Guide to Coverage¹

Healthcare: A Basic Guide to Coverage

Small-business owners seeking to provide some degree of healthcare benefits to their employees have a big job ahead of them. Besides making room in the budget for the expenses associated with insurance programs, they also must decide exactly what products will best fit their companies' unique needs.

The chapters in this section represent a healthcare primer. Besides taking a hard look at why health benefits are critical to both owners and employees, these articles offer a wealth of information on the healthcare reform law, general coverage, group insurance, disability, special programs and much more.

  • The Affordable Care Act - "What Employers Need to Know." – This article explains the different employer health insurance requirements and programs included in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly known as "Obamacare."
  • Providing for the Future – Disability and life insurance programs can be confusing. This article provides a concise rundown of resources to help clarify the matter.
  • Assistance for Lower Income Workers – This chapter discusses premium assistance for lower-income workers under the healthcare reform law, as well as patient assistance programs, HSAs and more.