Branding & Product Marketing¹

Branding & Product Marketing

Whether you sell to consumers or other businesses, you need to identify your potential customers and go after them. Skillful marketing, advertising and PR plans have made small businesses into Fortune companies. The industry is full of companies that can help small business owners market to their target audiences without breaking the bank.

General Overview

Marketing Your Product

Planning Your Marketing Strategy

  • Planning Your Overall Marketing Program - Marketing is much more than advertising; learn how to create an overall strategy and plan that generates tangible results and a great return on your marketing investment.
  • Know Your Competition - Learn how to perform basic competitive analysis in order to stay one step ahead of your competition and to identify potential threats from new competitors.
  • Know Your Customers: Customer Profiles - Who are your best customers? Here are some ideas for creating a simple customer profile and use the results to increase revenues and market share.
  • Know Your Market: Develop a Market Analysis - Learn how to perform a market analysis to decide whether to enter a market, expand territories, or offer new products and services.

Public Relations

Marketing Communications

  • Developing Successful Sales Brochures - A successful brochure builds market awareness, enhances image, describes products and services, and creates a call to action. Learn to do this here.
  • How to Write a Newsletter that Works - Newsletters not only inform and entertain; learn how, with the right focus, they can also serve as great advertising and promotional tools.
  • Creating a Unified Marketing Promotion Plan - Reaching potential customers can require a blend of marketing activities; learn about three ways to generate new customers and build long-term loyalty.
  • Permission-Based E-Mail Marketing - Look here for jargon-free guidance on market research, mailing lists, HTML and text formats, e-letter design and construction, effective copy writing and more.