Getting Out of Business¹

Getting Out of Business
  • Business Owners Need a Serious Plan for Retirement - Cash flow likely will change in your retirement years. Refer to this article for tips on systematic investments, retirement accounts, asset allocation, exit strategies and more.
  • Business Owner Retirement Plan Options - This article presents the pros and cons of various plans suited to small businesses, including SEP IRA, Simple IRA and Solo 401(k).
  • Transferring Ownership - This article covers key things that you should consider in advance in order to make a successful ownership transfer down the road.
  • Passing It On - Mixing business and family can be tricky, and even more so when a family member will be taking over the business. Read about steps you can take to ensure smooth family relations before you pass your business on.
  • Planning to Sell Your Business? 10 Things You Need to Know - This series of articles covers the entire process of selling your company, from making the initial decision to wrapping up the transaction.