Starting and Planning Your Business: An Introduction¹

Starting and Planning Your Business: An Introduction

Starting a business is a test of self-motivation, multitasking, efficient management and careful organization. Refer to these articles for practical tips and guidelines on leadership development, funding, planning, resources, market analysis and dozens of other topics in the start-up domain.

  • Lay the Groundwork - Launching your own company means learning about planning, funding and letting the “leader” in you come forward.
  • Duplicate a Thriving Business: Franchise! - An excellent way to start a business and tip the chances of business success is to franchise.
  • Existing Biz or Brand - New Venture? - Buying an existing company offers a proven infrastructure and built-in staff but starting one from scratch can be an adventure!
  • The Business Plan and Beyond - There are very few downsides to writing a business plan. It offers so many benefits and it does not have to be complicated. If you want to win, have a plan for success.
  • Legal Requirements: Minding the Details - Here are tips on setting your business right legally from the start. If it is done right early on, headaches can be avoided later.