Direct Selling¹

Direct Selling

As a profitable business owner, you must identify your marketplace and then prepare a marketing plan. Given that there are numerous ways to reach your targeted customers and prospects, you'll do best if you explore options designed especially for small businesses.

The articles in this section offer a wealth of information on direct selling, from customer relations and best practices to telemarketing and barter arrangements.

Sales, Customers and Distribution Chains

Small business owners are quick to spout "networking," "customer relationship management" and "marketing channels" when talking sales and distribution strategies. Sometimes, though, they use the buzzwords without fully understanding what these activities entail. The following articles outline a range of tools and techniques in clear, no-nonsense terminology - solid knowledge without the jargon.

  • Face-to-Face: Keep Customers Satisfied - Entrepreneurs interested in increasing sales and productivity learn the fine points of cultivating rich – and profitable – customer relationships.
  • Direct Selling Through Social Media Marketing - Many small-business owners do not believe social media marketing produces tangible results. But applying the right methodology yields real results.
  • Network to New Heights - Getting the most out of traditional networking channels means making inroads in the community – and these service groups are a great way to begin.
  • Training Techniques for Sales Staff - The best way for personnel to reach their full potential is through systematic training on all aspects of the sales process.

Retail Selling - Making a Difference

Consumers demand value for their money, or they are out the door. For the independent business owner, this process starts in-house with a strong customer service action plan - including sales training, customer incentives and effective promotions.