Selling Online¹

Selling Online

Selling Online - Learn how to use the Internet to market and sell to your customers locally, nationally, and internationally.

Selling Online

The Internet has opened up a new marketplace that has allowed millions of small business owners to compete internationally with companies of all sizes. Some companies are just highlighting their businesses, while others that are selling online have seen their businesses double in size. If you decide to sell your products online, you need to think about how to handle the transaction, customer service, return policies, etc.

Getting Started

  • How Your Website Helps Your Company - Your site needs to describe your business, its products or services, your value proposition and your service philosophy.
  • Understanding Site Design - An effective website blends text, images and video to provide a good overview of your company and what it offers. Learn how to showcase your team members, products and more.
  • Getting Started in E-Commerce - Online shopping carts are critical because they also manage the site ’s merchandise descriptions, images, inventory, customer information and payment data.

Optimizing Your Site

Promoting Your Site

Staying Secure