Protecting My Business¹

Protecting My Business

Every year, thousands of small-business owners lose money, property and sensitive information to breaches in security and fraud protection. The articles in this section explore all aspects of these crimes, as well as offer practical, effective suggestions for avoiding potential catastrophe.

Protecting Your Financial Accounts

  • Business Identity Theft - Personal identity theft is widely known, but business identity theft can occur too. Learn ways that you can protect your business from would-be thieves.
  • ACH Fraud Protection - ACH transfers are a secure way to make and receive payments, but they can be used fraudulently. Find out how to prevent ACH fraud.

Information Security

Fraud Prevention

Your Employees and Business Security

  • Screen Before You Hire - Sometimes you can catch a would-be fraudster even before you hire them. Learn how to conduct effective background checks.

Safe Use of Technology

  • Password Security - There’s a reason passwords are used, but many people don’t take them seriously. Find out how to create passwords that actually provide the intended protection.
  • Safeguarding Your Computers and Network - Computers are critical to the functioning of many small businesses. Learn how to use them safely.